Promoting diversity through a neurodivergent lens


At Neurodiversity in Law, our purpose is to promote and support neurodiversity within the legal professions and eliminate the stigma often associated with people who think differently.

We envisage engaging widely with the legal sector to encourage an open discourse about neurodivergent lawyers.

We want to emphasise an intersectional approach to neurodiversity, which is why we’ve teamed up with several different diversity and inclusion organisations already. Neurodiversity in Law is not just for neurodivergent individuals. It is for everyone. Whether you have already decided to be an ally or whether you just want to find out more, you are welcome to join any of our open events or get in touch.

Our Recent Events

Neurodiversity in Law is holding a variety of different events each month. If you missed out on one of them, you can watch them here.  

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Our Partners and Champions

partners and Champions help us build a better world for neurodivergent lawyers and students

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