Our Aims

Our purpose is to promote and support neurodiversity within the legal professions, and eliminate the stigma often associated with people who think differently.

We have four key aims:

    1. To enable and encourage entry into the legal professions for aspiring lawyers with neurodevelopmental conditions.
    2. To create a supportive network of legal professionals who are able to celebrate their neurodiversity.
    3. To encourage providers of legal services to adopt an anti-discriminatory approach in both their practice and their recruitment.
    4. To work collaboratively with other equality and diversity support networks to help foster a more diverse and accepting legal profession.

Our Vision

We envisage engaging widely with the legal sector to encourage an open discourse about neurodivergent lawyers.

We want to emphasise an intersectional approach to neurodiversity, which is why we’ve teamed up with several different diversity and inclusion organisations already. Neurodiversity in Law is not just for neurodivergent individuals. It is for everyone. Whether you have already decided to be an ally or whether you just want to find out more, you are welcome to join any of our open events or get in touch.

We want to help aspiring lawyers to feel able to share their neurodivergence on application forms, and in turn, for chambers and firms to be open to and more understanding of applicants with neurodivergent conditions. This may require a change in recruitment practices.

We also want existing lawyers with neurodivergent conditions to feel safer about speaking out. There is no shame in being neurodivergent, indeed quite the opposite. Our brains just work in different ways. If you are a practising lawyer who is neurodivergent, you have the opportunity to provide reassurance and inspiration to the next generation of lawyers. If you want to engage with us, please drop us a message.

We want to bring all of this together to offer help and assistance to aspiring legal professionals, regardless of their age or experience. We welcome membership applications from students at all stages of their legal education, from undergraduate, to post-BPTC and LPC. Our executive team are all at different stages of both the solicitor and barrister routes, and we have several career changers, so we understand the varied difficulties of the application process.

Finally, we would like to create a wide network of individuals from across the legal sector. We will be putting on an exciting series of events and projects throughout the year for our members.